New in town ladies and gentlemen!

New in town ladies and gentlemen!
Check this out it a new bike shop in Richmond Hill located on 10133 Younge Street!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

just some quick info!

Still waiting for the bike... I have come to realize that I have no control on getting it here faster so I must suck it up and be patient!

Went for a ride today, back was acting up. Not a positive thing when Hardwood is coming around the corner! Definitely have to get the checked up with Mr.Wade...

I think Mr. Corey and I are getting a weekend of riding together this weekend! It will be sick to get out and ride some real trails on a new bike!! :D

So waiting for the bike, training for hardwood, weekend riding sesh, etc etc. Sorry there not lots to blog about but once I get the new rig I will be blogging like it the job!! :P

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Right of the bat!! :)

Right off the bat! BOOM KITS CAME IN!! :) SO PUMPED!! Got mom with the camera snapping shots like it was her job the second I put it on!! :)

I wanna put a big shout out to MIKE HORLICK and JAMIE DAVIES from Evolution Cycles for providing me with this lovely and comfy kit!! I will wear it and represent it well!! :) Mike and Jamie are also having their GRAND OPENING May 15Th - May 16Th!! stop on by and check out the crazy low prices they have on Norcos, Niners, Gary Fishers, Treks, and more bike goodies!


My bike is coming in on Monday the 17Th!! I am super excited for that, you know Christmas Eve when your trying your hardest to get to sleep but you know its so close to Christmas... Well that's the feeling I have had this whole week!

Check out my new whip!

Norco Torrent Carbon HT


Today I went for a ride out on my dads bike, it was a good ride. Had lots of fun in the sun. It was a little tricky to choose the clothing for this ride tho, in the sun it was really hot and I would start to get really warm but in the shade it was really cold and the breeze made it even colder. I went for an hour and a half in the Boys scout camp and than rode my way through town up the 99 steps and rocked some hill repeats. Other than that it was a good ride and I am really pumped for Monday Monday MONDAY!! :)

Yes yes, yesterdays workout was hard, but waking up this morning I felt really good. Had a good day at school and went home and went for a ride. I can't wait till I get my Norco I really want to just be able to hop on a bike that's is actually mine!

Tomorrow is training with Eric Morrison and I have no idea what he has in store for me. Hopefully something good!!

Its a little late and I gotta get to bed and rest up for another day.

Blog you later !! :)


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its been awhile, but I'm back!!

So I know its been an incredible amount of time since I have put up a new post. But I am back in action and there is no ifs ands or buts.

Today I started my first day of training with Eric Morrison from "Top Down Wellness" and Erich Buamhard from "Buamhard Elite Training". It was a workout let me tell you. We started up with a warm up with some slow steady sled pulling and got into some faster pace sled pulling.

Warm Up consisted of:

Sledding pulling around the block, 1st pull: was scrunching your shoulder blades together and holding your arms straight and walking backward. 2nd pull: was simply just walking forward with your arms behind you held straight walking.

keep in mind that the sled weights about 35 pounds (on warm up) and it is a normal car tire with three 2 foot ling 2 by 4's bolted to the rubber of the tire and attached the 2 by 4's there is a metal post that you can add plates of weight on top to increase the load you are pulling. Please include this is all on asphalt. Rubber + Asphalt = DEATH!

After increasing the weight we changed up the lengths and we were running 2 light post lengths.

Running (The workout): 1st length was pulling the sled with the shoulders scrunched and arms straight. I was pulling 55 pounds on the asphalt . Reaching the first light post I had to drop down and give Eric 5 push ups. Than jump up and pull the sled to the second light post and drop down and giving Eric 5 burpies. Than I had to get up and sprint back to the starting light post where Eric Buamhard from "Elite Buamhard training" was doing medicine ball smashes, and than I traded off to Erich and he had to do the pulling. As Erich did his pulling I had to be smashing a 6 pound medicine ball on the ground continuously. Seems like an easy job, but it takes a fair bit of time to run the lengths.

I had done this 3 times and every set got harder and harder and felt like the rubber from the tire was sticking to the asphalt.

I am not going to lie this was a very difficult work out and I threw up. It was sick. Throwing up shows 2 things: 1. I am not fully in shape and 2. I am back and ready to concur!!

Than Eric Baumhard and I did some stretching.

How I felt:

During the beginning of the warm up I was feeling completely fine felt as if I was in shape. Once the speed increased I was fine for the first set but after that it was harder and harder. I felt really good after I finished throwing up, and blogging right now I feel really good. Tomorrow is rest and stretching day due to my back. Thursday is the next work out and I believe we are upping the stakes.

Other than that... blog you later ;) perhaps Thursday evening and or maybe Friday morning after my dive.

BYE! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the last few days,

So tuesday I woke up at about 5am to go to joy ride and it was my first time seeing this wonderful place. Honestly I wish I lived closer so I could go everyday. It was so sick you have no idea what your missing if you haven't been!

But anyways, Jamie and I did about 3 hours of riding there and in that 3 hour time span I managed to wreck my left knee, it was brutal let me tell you. Not being clipped in was so weird, every time I would go to jump over a log or something my foot would slip of the pedal and just demo my knee. So I am all bruised up and sore but it was totally worth it!

After joyride I went out for a ride with Jordan Doner and that was one of the sickest rides I have had in a while. Jordan and I went out for about 2 hours and it was on all ice and sketchy snow. It was so fun tho, I can't wait for the season to start up because I am ready to ride out side and not freeze!

PLUS! Badminton is coming up soon, I am so pumped you have no idea! I love this sport almost as much as biking, I don't know why but I just enjoy smacking a birdie at people and watching them struggle to return my hits. I just get a big smile on my face when I play badminton.

Other than that, I am chillin here listen to a new song I got from a buddy of mine... its called 1901 by Phoenix and wearing my new hat .... thats right got a new hat and i dig it. I got this new lid at the new era shop in toronto check it >>>

pretty sweet i know :)

Well I am not feeling to well right now so I am off to bed and then up for work tomorrow 5 to 12:15 long shift... mama mia! Well gotta do what you gotta do and right now I need the money big time...

that is all...


Monday, January 25, 2010

nothing that a couple permanent markers can't handle...

So I was sitting here getting my thing together and thinking about how mike said he didn't even have a hat that had Evolution Cycles on it ... soo... I looked around my house and found some markers... and made this :)
lets see if I can get on breakfast television with this :)


off to bed and up at 5am to go to joyride150 for the first time!! WAAA HOOO!! :)

nice day plan...

Today is filled with adventure! I woke up early at my buddy Evan Wilson's house and road my bike to the bank, after I got all my bank problems sorted out. I went home and decided to go out for a ride in the wet gloomy weather. It was a good ride after all just chilled and cruised down the trails weaving and zig zaging it was good :)

Tonight is going to be sick, i am heading down to the new shop in Richmond hill Evolution Cycles ( ) I am kinda pumped because the shop sounds sick and I am just really excited...

Come check it out ladies and gentlemen!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yes I am back in motion!

Not that anyone would care... but the blog is happen again ! I have had some break time to myself to chill and think and rest and get non-sick. Its time to catch up, I have missed some valuable time.

First I would like everyone to check this out... it will have interest to everyone that reads this or rides bike.... check it out heck stop by for a little peek.

Went for a ride the other day, felt weird on the bike. But a good weird! I have been running a lot tho, I find the running really helps my breathing. Also weights, they make your muscles bigger. I have noticed in gym class and running that my muscles don't get tired as fast. I am feeling pretty good... lets see if it carries on.

and if you haven't checked out the link by now... I am disappointed, click on the picture or link it will take you there :)

thanks ERBODY :)

cross your fingers!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And its all gone...

So I am sitting at home today and I was getting very mad at my hair... Not too sure why but I was just hating it. So I called mom into the nice warm kitchen and I was like... Can we cut it... and she had no hesitation. Mom just kinda dove in and slapped the hair right of my head!

check it out...
What a goof I know, wait a little bit and see what I do to it ;)

that is all.... wait no it isn't look what dad brought home!! :)

yep finally got the tree :) only took a long time to get it eh Glenn? LOL :)
oh yes yes... halla at my mom for the hair cut and dressing the tree!!

thats all folks!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It was a cold and snowy day,

Today worked out good, I woke up and had to get cracking on my gym summative and then had to get the school. But It was my lunch and I heard one of my teachers was away. So that left me with 2 and a half hours free.

You know what I did with that 2 and a half hours? I went back to sleep.

Yep it was cold, Muscleman's lake was frozen :P

I was thinking I had to be like Mr.Watson and get the riding the bike picture. You know turning the camera around and snapping that lovely picture! But I don't have the moustache to rock ;) ahaaha

And had to pull another Andrew Watson and take a picture of the handles bars.... You know I don't know how this attracts people but they seem to dig it!

So yeah jumped on the bike and get all dressed up, and went out on my first training ride. It was so sick the snow was falling people were nice and not getting as close as they could passing on the side of the road they were giving me space and you know I think today was one of the coolest rides but defiantly on of the best :P

Then I booked it to school id my gym summative and then went to work now dad and I are chilling watching some crazy lion video. :)

good solid day :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

needing a trainer...

Does anyone have a trainer I could borrow? please and thank you!